Hi everybody

Hi everybody

I’m Matthew Waddell, and I make things work. I craft software and hardware, tailored for you. Sensors, controllers, data analysis, niche algorithms, a friendly user experience–I can help. Whichever your technology stack, or stage of your project, I thrive in complex environments. I work across disciplines, and am passionate about making your ideas a reality.


  • Software project leadership
  • Needs assessment and cost/benefit analysis
  • Developer mentorship
  • Multi-discipline project collaboration
  • Training


  • Systems level development
  • Embedded/low level development
  • Parallel cluster computing, and data analysis
  • Web backend, and RESTful API development
  • Database design
  • UI/UX design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Board bring-up, firmware for custom hardware
  • Cost effective and sustainable software architecture development
  • Code modernization, working effectively with complex legacy code
  • Domain specific algorithm R&D
  • Network and device communication (TCP/IP, UDP, 802.11, Bluetooth LE, i2c, UART, etc)
  • Image processing and machine vision application development
  • Hardware R&D
  • Complex multi-level, multi-core/platform/system trouble shooting and analysis
  • Technical writing and documentation
  • Automated test infrastructure development
  • Embedded & distributed systems unit testing
  • Build system development
  • Version control system migration

Need help on a project, or looking for collaborators? Drop me a line!